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AzCopy の引数





Copyright (c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Copies one or more files between Azure Storage and a Windows file system.

AzCopy source destination [filepattern [filepattern...]] [options]

source                    Specifies the source location to copy from.
                          See Location Specification below.
destination               Specifies the destination location to copy to.
                          See Location Specification below.
filepattern               Specifies one or more file patterns to copy.
                          See File Pattern Specification below.

/A                        Copy only files with the Archive attribute set.
/IA:[RASHCNETOI]          Include only files with any of the given Attributes
/XA:[RASHCNETOI]          Exclude files with any of the given Attributes set.
                          Available attributes:
                            R     Read-only files
                            A     Files ready for archiving
                            S     System files
                            H     Hidden files
                            C     Compressed file
                            N     Normal files
                            E     Encrypted files
                            T     Temporary files
                            O     Offline files
                            I     Not content indexed Files
/BlobType:<page|block>    Specifies that the destination is a block blob
                          (block) or a page blob (page).
                          This option is only applicable when the destination
                          is a blob account; otherwise, an error is generated.
                          If the destination is a blob account and the blobtype
                          parameter is not specified by default the block blob
                          type will be used.
/CheckMd5                 Calculate MD5 hash for downloaded data and verify 
                          match with the MD5 hash stored in the Azure Storage 
                          blob or file's property. MD5 checking is turned off 
                          by default. Azure Storage server doesn't guarantee 
                          the MD5 hash stored in blob or filefs property is up 
                          to date. It is client's responsibility to update the 
                          MD5 whenever the blob or file is modified.
                          AzCopy always sets the latest MD5 hash to the blob 
                          or file's property after finishing uploading a blob 
                          or file.
/Delimiter:<delimiter>    Indicates delimiter character used as directory
                          separator in blob name.
                          AzCopy supports to use any common character 
                          (like @, #, %, and ^, etc) to be a delimiter. If need
                          to use special character in command line (like ", ^
                          or |) as delimiter, please quote it with double 
                          quotes. By default, AzCopy uses '/' as delimiter.
                          This option is only applicable for downloading blob.
/DestKey:<storage-key>    Provides the storage key for the destination 
                          (if applicable). 
/DestSAS:<container-SAS>  Provides a Shared Access Signature for the 
                          destination container (if applicable). Surround the
                          SAS with double quotation marks as it may contains 
                          special commandline characters. This parameter is 
                          invalid for blob copying. 
                          If the destination is a blob storage account, user 
                          must provide exactly one parameter of a key or a SAS
                          in this parameter or in destination location URI.
                          This option is only applicable for eblobf service.
/DestType:Blob            Specify this option when your <destination> is a 
                          local Azure Storage Blob service running in the 
                          storage emulator.
/L                        List only: do not copy.
/Mov                      Move files (delete from source after copying). The 
                          source will be removed after it is transferred. If it
                          is a blob with any snapshots, it will not be removed 
                          until all its snapshots have finished transferring.
/MT                       Set downloaded file's last modified time to be the 
                          same as the source Azure Storage blob or file's.
/NC                       Number of concurrent threads. Large amount of 
                          connections under low bandwidth environment will
                          overwhelm the network connection and none of the
                          connections gets a chance to fully complete. Throttle
                          concurrent threads based on actual available network
                          bandwidth. Default is 8 * core number.
/S                        Recursive copy.
                          In recursive copy mode, AzCopy will copy all 
                          blobs/files include subfolders' blobs/files which 
                          match the file patterns. Find more details at 
                          eFile Pattern Specificationf part.
/Snapshot                 Indicates whether to transfer snapshots or not. This 
                          option is only valid when source is an Azure Storage
                          blob location. Default is no.
                          The transferred blob snapshots will be renamed in 
                          this format: [blob-name] (snapshot-time)[extension].
/SourceKey:<storage-key>  Provides the storage key for the source
                          (if applicable). 
/SourceSAS:<container-SAS>Provides a Shared Access Signature for the 
                          source container (if applicable). Surround the SAS 
                          with double quotation marks as it may contains 
                          special commandline characters. 
                          If the source location is a blob storage account, and
                          neither a key nor a SAS is provided, then the 
                          container will be read via anonymous access.
                          This option is only applicable for eblobf service.
/SourceType:Blob          Specify this option when your <source> is a local 
                          Azure Storage Blob service running in the storage 
/V:[verbose log-file]     Output the verbose transferring status into a log 
                          By default the verbose log-file will be 
                          AzCopyVerbose.log in the current working directory.
                          If user indicates an existing file in this option,
                          the verbose log will be appended to it.
/XN                       Exclude Newer. Don't copy if source file is newer 
                          than destination file.
/XO                       Exclude Older. Don't copy if source file is older
                          than destination file.
/Y                        Suppresses prompting to confirm you want to overwrite
                          an existing destination file.
/Z:[journal-file]         Restartable mode.
                          An empty or non-existent journal-file is used to 
                          maintain a record of the status of the copy operation
                          to allow the operation to restart if interrupted. If 
                          the restartable flag is used without a parameter, the
                          journal-file will be azcopy.log in the current 
                          working directory by default.
                          If the journal-file is not empty, it is used for 
                          restarting a previous interrupted copy operation and 
                          will be deleted upon successful completion of the 
                          copy. At this time, the following options will be 
                          checked before transferring: source, destination, 
                          filepattern, /A, /IA, /XA, /BlobType, /CheckMd5, 
                          /DestKey, /DestSAS, /Mov, /MT, /NC, /S, /Snapshot, 
                          /SourceKey, /SourceSAS, /XN, /XO, /Y. These options
                          could be empty in the restart command. 
/@:response-file          This option lets you specify a file that contains 
                          parameters. The parameters will be processed by 
                          AzCopy just as if they had been specified on the 
                          command line.
                          In a response file, multiple parameters can appear on
                          one line. A single parameter must appear on one line 
                          (cannot span multiple lines). Response files can have
                          comments lines that begin with the # symbol.
                          Multiple response files can be used. However, AzCopy 
                          does not support nested response files.
/-                        Signal the end of options, cause all remaining 
                          arguments to be assigned to location parameters or 
                          file patterns.

Location Specification:
A location can be either a locally addressable file location or a URI to Azure 
Storage. Azure Storage URIs always start with either "http://" or "https://".
Any location that does not begin with "http://" or "https://" is treated as a 
locally addressable file or directory. SAS (Shared Access Signature) token can 
be attached in blob container URI, or presented with SourceSAS/DestSAS 
parameter if source/destination is Azure Storage Blob Service.

File Pattern Specification:
The meaning of file pattern is determined by the location and the switch of 
recursive mode, that is, option /S. 
For local file system location as 'source', standard wildcards applied and the
patterns are matched with files directly under source folder. If /S is 
specified, all files under subfolders will also be considered.
For Azure Storage blob service as 'source', wildcards are not applied. If /S 
is specified, file patterns are interpreted as prefixes. If /S is not specified
file patterns need to match the exact blob names.
For Azure Storage file service as 'source', user can only specify the exactly 
file name, e.g. "abc.txt" to copy one file or only use option /s to copy all 
files, try to use file pattern and /s together will report error.
When no file pattern is specified, the default file pattern used is *.* for a 
file system location or an empty prefix for an Azure Storage location.
User can specify multiple file patterns, object matches any file pattern will 
be transferred.